inca unul mai tare tot pentru mama ei de supraveghere video-audio prin internet,
optiune mod invizibil, prin care programul se poate instala pe un calculator fara ca sa se cunoasca, de cei care folosesc acel computer, are evident un server web incorporat, decat puneti IP-ul extern si portul 80

va puteti supraveghea usor casa, masina, sau orice alt perimetru cu o simpla camera web, usb sau ip, sau cu mai multe, imaginile vor fi transmise live si puteti pune rapid codul embed generat de program in orice pagina a unui site, oricunde aveti "cod html", chiar si aici pe site se pot pune direct la profilul vostru
8 intrari video, adica canale pentru camere video, si 8 canale audio,foloseste un codec H264 video encoder si AAC audio encoder,are detector avansat de miscare putand trimite alarme prin ftp,email sau pe telefonul mobil

You can Monitor your home or office as a Surveillance System.
Embedded web server, can directly watch your remote camera via intenet browser, Flash player, Quicktime, Realplayer, Windows Media player on PC, Macintosh, Mobile phones.
Capture images up to 30 frames per second from USB and analog cameras, TV boards, Capture cards.
Capture H264 video stream, Mpeg4 stream, Mjpeg stream, audio stream, RTSP, ASF stream from Network IP camera direcly.
Support PTZ control many network cameras.
H264 WebCam Deluxe has support 32 video input and 32 audio input.
Multiple cameras support, multiple video display. Simultaneous recording and broadcasting to internet, and help you to create web pages.
Add camera captions, and date/time OSD on each video frame.
Record and Broadcasting H264, H263, XVID, MPEG4, MPEG2, FLV, WMV video.
Record and Broadcasting AAC, MP3, WMA audio.
Record to AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, SWF, ASF, WMV files.
Performs Live Recording that allows rewind and playback recorded content at any time.
Records video when a motion is detected, and can set pre-record time.
Sends alarm e-mail and ftp upload image when motion detected.
Auto audio alarm when a motion is detected.
Allows to define the active area for motion detection in 64 regions.
Allows to start record manually.
Has a comprehensive scheduler to auto record.
Select record disk driver and arbitrarily combine.
Checks the available space on hard drive and stops recording or automatical overlay if there is no available space.
User name and password to login remote camera from net, user's privilege manage.
H264 WebCam Deluxe Auto restore the disconnected net connection.
After you buy deluxe version, your register code will be your unique ID. You can apply a H264 User Name like as "Mike" , so other people can connect "Mike" in spite of your ip, dynamic ip, or ip changes when program running, "Mike" is always effective !
Has feature to limit number of camera viewers.
Snapshot a jpeg image at any moment.
Adjust video color manually or set to default.
Full screen display camera 's video, multiple channel or single channel.
Export the current software settings to a file. Import software settings from a file.
Search log information and help file arbitrarily.
Select either channel 's audio to listen, mute or unmute audio.
Stealth mode makes this ip camera software completely invisible only display icon in the sys tool tray.

latest version
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aprilie 2013
H264 WebCam Deluxe & Exalted 3.99 full serial crack free download - 8 MB
instalati, inchideti , copiati fisierul din folderul "" in cel al programului
dati drumul la morisca si inregistrati-va cu serialul din dotare
unde gasest parola ptr H264 versiune pagina care unde se gaseste, nu exista pe seit
parola a fost: ungefelia
banana Super tare,dupa ce am bananait pe goagal aiurea gasesc acest pefelie,super tare,mii de multumiri... am devenit fan....
sal. as avea si eu nevoie de varianta mai mare cu 64 canale. ii zice unioncam manager.
daca ai bani ca sa supraveghezi 64 de camere, gen hotel in care spionezi lumea...plateste-l
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