the life and the romanticized medieval adventures of Queen Isabella, called the "Catholic queen" ... she is known for the unification of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, which later led to the creation of the Spanish state and empire, the expulsion of the Muslim Moors from the southern kingdoms, the creation of  "Holy Inquisition "Spanish, murders and tortures executed sadistically in the name of Christian religion, supporting Columbus expedition with money. which has led to the conquest and enslavement of southern America .... and other cute things that you can dream,  usually historical films do not reflect the reality of facts but distort by idealizing them for ideological-propaganda purposes

rate imdb:  8.3 -


Isabel-tv-series-spanish-queen-movie.historical tv series





all 3 seasons complete 39 episodes in spanish

subtitrari romana sezonul 1/10 ...vor urma si celelalte

subtitrat romana ;

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