a tavern ( from old greek) is a construction where people, typically travellers, comes to drink wine or beer, be served with food, also they might stay over night, receiving lodging...anyway, we can all agree that with a proper location, taverns, inn, hotel, is a profitable place to make bussines ...go ahead and become a tycoon gameplay trailer Tavern Tycoon Dragon's Hangover free download business management strategy full steam version

system requirements pc: Processor: Intel Core i5-2300, AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better cpu - Memory: 4 GB RAM - nVidia GTX 560; DirectX: Version 11



11 june 2019, update Plaza v1.1

18 march 2019, update Plaza, v0.1j

serve it...Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover ..update 12 march 2019, full Plaza

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