survival is the key of this natural mechanical cruel world essence, but you can barely survive or make it in luxury ...and the fight is what makes the difference wherever you might on earth or in space, where you are going right now Empyrion Galactic Survival game minimum system requirements pc: - Windows Windows (7, 8 and 10), 64-bit cpu - Processor: Dual-Core Processor 2.5 GHz or better - Memory: 4 Gb - Video Card: 1 Gb Vram NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
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Empyrion Galactic Survival gameplay trailer . an 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers. The game uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. The game is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios. Space and planet exploration: An absolute free-roaming experience awaits you: fly across space, land on planets and freely walk around. Building and construction: You can build everything out of blocks & building parts: capital vessels, small vessels, ground vessels as well as space & planetary stations. Survival mode: Survival is key - try to stay alive in a hostile environment. Food and oxygen are rare, resources scarce and dangers lurk around be well prepared. Creative mode: Freely build on planets or in space and do not care for food, resources or enemies. Space and land combats: Empyrion features a variety of enemies reaching from (peaceful and hostile) creatures living on planets to aggressive robot drones that can attack you in space and on planets. Single, multiplayer and co-operative: Besides single and multiplayer, Empyrion supports co-operative gameplay with your friends. Mining and resource gathering: For building and construction, you must gather and mine resources that you find on planets and asteroids. Extensive crafting system: Using and combining resources, you can craft your own equipment and weapons. Farming and food system: Grow your own vegetables and fruits or hunt creatures for their meat to prepare yourself a delicious meal. Find rare plants to prepare medical supplies. Terrain deformation: You can entirely modify and deform the terrain. Its a true sandbox game! Experience and tech tree: Gain experience to unlock items" buy your galactic survival

or survive for free.... update 7.3.3 (Build 1375)
update 7.3.2 (Build 1364)
full torent 28 november 2017 (alpha 7.3.3)
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- repacked, installer english, change from "ali213.ini", client plus separate dedicated server
previous patches here
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survival multiplayer game pc steam
update latest 2017
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