life began in sea water with simple cells with just a mouth for eating and dividing..that is all that counts, eat and perpetuate, but is it possible another life form on an alien planet ? have to see and answer by traveling in this next sci-fi exploration sea ocean holiday. subnautica game system requirements pc - Windows 7, 8.1, 10 - Processor: Intel 2 core 2.5 Ghz - RAM: 4 GB - Video Card: Intel HD 4600 (for laptops/notebooks) or equivalent subnautica trailer
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Subnautica is an open world, deep sea underwater exploration and adventure game currently under construction at Unknown Worlds, the independent developer behind Natural Selection 2. Dive Into a Vast Underwater World After crash landing on an alien ocean world, the only way to go is down. Subnautica's oceans range from sun drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches. Manage your oxygen supply as you explore Kelp Forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life: Some of it helpful, much of it harmful. Scavenge, Craft, and Survive buy your sea life

new from 18 october 2017 , development repack-multi
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updated15 september 2017...stable, Cuddlefish Update
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- repacked, english, install and play
bonus: subnautica smart steam emulator, sse 1.4.3
- copy all in games's .exe folder, run it through "SmartSteamLoader_x64.exe"
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