Rome (TV Series Complete)

you have many nostalgic regrets, and maybe one of them is that you did not live in Rome 2,000 years ago ... if so, then you know it's better, because then you would not have realized the mystery of the life you live .... and this will try to make this film, to give you that unique sensation of electrization in which you feel that you live something extraordinary and that soon you will not be


rate imdb: 8.8 - trailer

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Outlander tv series complete

in this new romantic fantasy tv series we will fulfill a intimate young women dream to travel in time and ride kinghts horses of medieval old times in 16 numbers full of savage passion that you will keep up their pussy wet and heart at mouth. in aceasta noua morisca sfarleaza periculos de romantica vom implini un vis intim al femeilor bunaciunilor de a calatorii in timp si a calarii caii cavalerilor de pe vremuri in 16 numere pline de pasiune care le va tine cu pasarica umeda si sufletul la gurite. Outlander (TV Series 2014 )






start dreaming in season 4 
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Vikings tv show all seasons complete

Vikings_tv_show_full_seasons_all episodes

the life of vikings has become better extraordinary now, when they are not anymore, but not for you too, since those dark ignorant violent times are closer to what you feel about succeeding in life, and also a chance for knowing what to do with your senses, away from school, work, familu, and from all this wave of confussion that's causing such an acute boring anxious mood...yap, and now all you can do is imagine them, and dream yourself as one of them, the strongest, the most cunning vicious and especially brave, as all good looking women wants....good for you, and good luck .


rate imdb: 8.6 - trailer season 5


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Gotham (tv show) all seasons full

Gotham tv series full all seasons

Prepare your heart for a new nice dreamy adventure with super villains and super heroes ... that, of course, it will be played by you, hehe . It seems a hard tangled story that i shall cut it in one shot and on the bleeding blade of my sword will appear only one word: BATMAN


rate imdb: 8.4


trailer season 5

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